The doctors and staff at Midwest Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery are grateful for the tremendous support of the dental, medical and patient population in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. We realize that the ability to practice our profession is a privilege granted to us by our fellow professionals, patients and this great nation of ours.

We therefore have a great desire to give something back to our community. We feel this is best achieved by volunteering to provide humanitarian aid either free or at a reduced cost to those who are truly in need. Our special emphasis is for those patients who due to physical or mental disabilities will never be able to be self supporting.

We therefore volunteer to help out the following agencies:

  • Donated Dental Service
  • The Neighborhood Health Clinic
  • Matthew 25
  • The National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped
  • Give Kids a Smile

Additionally, our doctors are on staff at Parkview Hospital, Parkview North Hospital, Lutheran Hospital, The Saint Joseph Medically Center and Dupont Hospital. We provide emergency, consultation and treatment for patients in these facilities regardless of their financial status. We also see patients covered by Indiana Medicaid.
We work with several general dentists in sedating developmentally disabled patients. The general dentist comes to our Fort Wayne North office facility, which is equipped with a general dentistry unit, and provides general dental treatment (teeth cleaning, fillings, etc.) while the patient is asleep.